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Custom Interiors & Architectural Finishes

When nothing short of high quality will do, New Image Creative is on the job. Our designers partner with architects to produce beautiful indoor and outdoor building facades. These architectural elements include decorative finishes, wall decor, column accents, murals, fixtures, lighting, flooring, and more.

Our talented designers draft in-depth schematics so you know exactly what we plan before we ever begin the building or installation process. Each creative design is finely crafted to client needs with focuses on site, style, budget, and schedule. We’re dedicated to collaborating with our clients to create stunning designs that translate your ideas into timeless architectural finishes. We can even apply facades that mimic the aesthetics of natural materials and metals that would otherwise be out of budget or beyond the necessary time frame to complete.

Why use architectural finishes?

Architectural finishes give a stylish and modern appearance to any building through cost-effective means. Architectural finishes give almost unlimited creative freedom to designing and redesigning the style of businesses, furniture, doors, elevators, and so much more. They also provide lightweight options for use in updating overhead structures that would otherwise be too heavy to achieve. Our architectural finishes can reduce business downtime of construction and renovations, saving valuable time and money.

Update an existing business

Commercial renovations can be expensive and time consuming. Between replacing furniture, countertops, and doors and waiting for paint to dry, it all adds up. Our team of designers turn your business from blah to beautiful using cost effective architectural finishes that make your business look modern and classy. We can update your outdated service counters, cabinetry, walls, elevators, and so much more to create contemporary design styles that freshen and update the look and feel of your business.

New commercial construction

From start to finish, our designers frequently work with architects to blend structure with design aesthetics in new commercial construction. Our team designs stylish and upscale architectural finishes that are sure to wow your clientele and make your business feel luxurious and on-brand.

Our clients

Countless businesses and industries can benefit from modern architectural finishes and custom interiors. Our clients look to create high-end, upscale, luxurious environments their customers want to return to again and again. These clients and applications include casinos, hotels, event spaces, restaurants, high end retail, theme parks, museums, civic and government buildings, schools, stadiums, cruise lines and ships, airports, and airplanes, just to name a few.

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