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Permits, Installation & Sign Maintenance

When you need a sign installed, fixed, updated, or cleaned, our first priority is safety for all parties involved. Our knowledgeable staff research city codes and permits to ensure every project is legal so you don’t have to worry. Our installers are highly trained to safely install new signs on the ground or 100 feet in the air. We’ll also upgrade your existing signs with new LED lights or inserts and clean and maintain these signs for years to come.


Our permitting process is seamless. Our highly trained team can interpret complex city codes, communicate with building management, and apply for all of the necessary permits.


Our installers and electricians are highly trained and capable. We are licensed and insured to complete installations in every U.S state. Whether underground in a subway tunnel or at the top of a skyscraper, our team can perform installs safely and efficiently.

Sign Maintenance

Signs need regular cleaning and occasional maintenance. Our experienced team can make your existing sign look brand new. We offer cleaning services, painting, updating inserts, LED retrofitting, and more.

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